Design Portfolio

For my visual rhetoric class, I created this design portfolio.

Here are my professor's comments on my submission:

"Evan, this portfolio is absolutely stunning. Seriously. I am so impressed with your work. The page designs are grid-based and helpfully showcase the concepts and the images from your original notebooks. You are drawing on strong typography principles, and throughout the document you use contrast, hierarchy, proximity, and rhythm to organize the content and help the reader move through the pages. The prose showcases your creativity and ability to write concise, pithy text. This is masterful. The portfolio is especially impressive when I compare it to the work you did earlier in the semester. It's on an entirely different level. It has been inspiring to see you dive into Figma this semester, and the results here speak for themselves. This is the product of enthusiasm and creativity and hard work. I don't have much to critique. I just want to praise the whole document. It has been a joy to see you take to the work this semester, and this final document reflects one the strongest growth trajectories I've ever seen in a single semester. Your work has gotten better and better and better. You are a strong writer, and it's been a privilege to see you extend that strength into the visual. Congrats on a truly excellent final project."

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