Hate & Dishonor is a satirical publication that brings unsolicited — and unaffiliated — criticisms, witticisms, and “oh, shit’’–icisms every week, everywhere, every time at Miami University. Single-handedly, I have produced and distributed weekly issues in print as well as parodies exclusive to social media. From faculty to alumni, freshmen to grad students, 1,000+ fans can't seem to get enough of it. (Even the deans like it.)

This project was inspired by bright-burning college publications of the past: Plague (1960s), The Revolution (1990s), and other library-archived sources. Vision, imagination, and passion motivate me to put my creativity to hard work; late nights, black coffees, and vinyl albums ensured that I always got the job done right.

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP 2.10) and Figma were the software I learned and used to photoshop, typeset, and design print and digital issues.