WMSR Redhawk Radio is Miami University's only student-run radio station. Founded in the 1980s, WMSR has brought on-air entertainment to campus in ways no other organization could. We stream podcasts and music shows, but we also publish articles on all things entertainment.

As Director of Writers, I introduced freedom and mentorship that other student media organizations lacked. Thorough and personalized feedback enabled my writers to build their own portfolios — a freshman should have 16 articles by graduation — and develop their voice and talent as content writers. By focusing on creativity and quality, my writers iteratively learned to differentiate themselves from their peers and write well.

As Editor in Chief, I had edited 90+ articles in my senior year (with the occasional help of some associate editors). For my writers, I balanced my value of strict deadlines and consistent work ethic with an empathy-oriented tolerance toward my writers' personal priorities.

To review articles I've edited, visit our website.